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Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop trailers are sometimes known as mini caravans, and this other name gives a clue to their nature. Teardrop trailers are in fact caravans of reduced size, outfitted accordingly. They have become popular in the motorsport community, amongst surfers and at music festivals due to their ease of use and provision of comfort for the frequent single traveller.

Teardrop Trailers

Designed to be towed easily behind a standard family-sized car, teardrop trailers (also known as teardrop campers or teardrop caravans) are intended to provide caravan facilities for a single person in an easily transportable form: they are much less cumbersome and unwieldy than standard-sized caravans, yet due to the efficient nature of their compact design they can contain many of the facilities a standard caravan does.

The most common design involves the teardrop trailer being split into two sections. The largest section is at the front: this is the sleeping space. The rear of the teardrop caravan, often accessed through a separate door at the back, is where the accessories and facilities are located. These could include cooking equipment, bedding, portable caravan heaters, portable generators or anything else needed for a trip away.

Additional Sleeping Berths

Due to their compact size, teardrop campers are only really suitable for two people at the most. One option if additional sleeping berths are needed is the use of a specially adapted awning. These can be purchased to accommodate two, four or even six extra sleepers, giving multiple beds for a low price when compared to a standard caravan. It should be stated that these additional sleepers will really be camping rather than sleeping in a caravan, but the connection to the teardrop trailer ensures that the experience will be a little more luxurious due to the special area used for accessories and food storage.

Used Teardrop Trailers

The first experience of teardrop trailers for many users involves the purchase of a used teardrop trailer. They are readily available at caravan dealers, in newspapers and magazines and on websites. Some care, though, should be taken before purchase, as teardrop campers can suffer badly from lack of maintenance. The prospective buyer should check for signs of rust, and should check if any part of the body has been patched up. All hinges should be checked for damage, as should the axles, wheels and equipment that links the caravan to the towing vehicle. Any sign of insufficient care should give pause for thought.

Teardrop Trailer Kit

An increasingly popular option is to build your own teardrop trailer. This allows for the owner to ensure quality, workmanship and the like. There are two main ways to do this: you can build your own teardrop trailer using a teardrop trailer kit, or you can purchase the materials and work from a suitable set of teardrop trailer plans. This option results in a much cheaper teardrop caravan, but it should be remembered that a substantial amount of time must be spent building the trailer. The upside, though, is that the owner can be entirely satisfied that the caravan has been built to a high standard of both materials and workmanship.